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Finally, an EHR system built with your needs in mind.

Ask any clinician what their top three job frustrations are, the chances are good that they will mention their Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. The EHR is the software clinicians use to document patient encounters, order tests, and schedule appointments, among many other things.

Most current EHRs are considered difficult to use, chewing up valuable time and energy while not demonstrably improving the quality of care or reducing costs.

Mpathy Software was founded by a clinician to build an EHR that medical providers will find to be a great aid to their practice, rather than a source of frustration. Medicine is hard enough. It’s time to make it easier.


Imagine a system that could help you...

Search for anything at any time

No more sifting through pages and pages of data looking for a few key pieces of information. Easily find the patient data you need, the moment you need it.

Improve patient care

Imagine an EHR system that cooperates with you rather than slowing you down, helping you perform at your best and give your patients the highest quality care.

Work naturally and intuitively

Our system understands medical language, enabling you to interact with it like a human assistant.

Spend less time on busywork

You didn't become a healthcare provider to spend most of your time charting. Our mission is to help you spend more time on your most meaningful work.

Transform your quality of life

Happier doctors are better doctors. Our EHR system is designed to eliminate frustration and increase your daily satisfaction in the workplace.

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