Why Another EHR?

Electronic Health Record systems (EHRs) are a common source of frustration for clinicians. The software can be clunky, unwieldy, and clinicians find these systems add work rather than making things quicker and easier. Physicians feel they spend more time documenting than they do diagnosing and treating patients.

In addition, legacy systems require a considerable investment of time, money, and human resources to purchase and maintain, and proprietary data storage adds to the challenges of escaping to a better system.

Legacy systems are improving, with vendors recognizing the need to update their user experience and incorporate modern technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), but there is a long way to go. There are newer systems out there that show promise and address many of the problems. The trend is encouraging, but there is much work to be done.

Why Mpathy?

Work Intuitively

We're harnessing the power of AI to help you work faster and more naturally.

Work Intuitively

Mpathy will be designed from the ground up to make the absolute most of natural language processing so that clinicians can do virtually everything they need to do by interacting with the system using ordinary language.

AI will be used to track patient metrics, spot errors, suggest diagnoses, tests, and treatments. While other vendors incorporate these capabilities to varying degrees, these capacities will be pervasive in Mpathy and fully integrated.

Share Data Securely

Sharing data should be simple and safe. We aim to make that a reality.

Share Data Securely

Mpathy software is exploring a partnership with a new venture that reinvents with the Worldwide Web, using highly secure but open-source standards and technology to store clients’ data and give them total control over who has access to it.

Healthcare systems are very much within the scope of this new technology, with Britain’s National Health Service already in partnership with them. By leveraging it, Mpathy can provide patients and clinics with a secure form of information storage and that will also allow easy interoperability between systems, transcending the pervasive current problem of “siloed” data that is difficult to share between systems.

Seamless Transition

We'll migrate your data so you can move to a better system without headaches.

Seamless Transition

Mpathy will offer pricing plans with will include services to extract, transform, and load any current practice data from legacy systems to the Mpathy EHR, and the plans will include ongoing support and software updates. This will allow clinics to minimize up-front financial and logistical risks and clear the way for them to move to a modern system that better meets their needs.

Designed For Clinics

All the features you need at a price point that makes sense for your organization.

Designed For Clinics

Mpathy is designed to target small clinics and rural clinics, offering pricing and features these organizations need with none of the bloat they don’t.

Hybrid of Healthcare and Programming

Our founder and CEO, Joshua Sandeman, has a decade of clinical experience as a Family Nurse Practitioner and is intimately familiar with the challenges of current EHR systems. In addition, he has a significant background in software development and artificial intelligence, providing a comprehensive set of skills to build a system by a clinician, for clinicians.


What's Next?

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