“Empathy, empathy, empathy,” has long been one of my father’s favorite refrains. It makes clear that he feels that empathy is somehow foundational to human life. Mary Lou Casey put it this way: “What most people really need is a good listening to.” I think of empathy is the capacity to really see another person, and to genuinely care about them and their perspective, even if you do not understand it or agree with it.

Empathy is certainly at the heart of of the healing professions. Whatever treamtents may be brought ot bear on someone who is ailing, it invariably makes people feel better when they know their caregivers truly care about them. I cannot count the number of encounters I’ve had with patients over the years where my patients have clearly felt relieved, heartened, salved when I set everything aside and just listened deeply while they spoke about their lives.

In my opinion, we all deserve empathy. Not just patients, but caregivers. Not just the poor, but the rich. Everyone. Who among us does not yearn to be seen and cared for by others? Anonymity and indifference, in contrast, don’t feel good at all.

Mpathy Software was founded not just to address needs in the technology of healthcare, but, as I hope the name of the company suggests, on a vision for how the company will address those needs. Clients will first and foremost be offered genuine concern for their needs, from the sales process to the ongoing use of the product. Employees in turn will be treated with the greatest respect and given the best benefits possible while still keeping the lights on. This company’s success will not be measured primarily by the bottom line, but whether it is measurably improving the quality of people’s lives. Sound idealistic? It is. That’s the whole point.