Moonshots and the Rationality of Irrationality

Someone — I cannot recall who — once observed that if Mohandas Gandhi had soberly considered the odds of successfully forcing the British to withdraw from India, he would have never gotten started. There are many reasons for the appeal of his — and his country’s — story, not least of which is its David-versus-Goliath …

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Human Touch

Decades ago, I recall reading in a medical school admissions book that in the early twentieth century, a physician wrote a report arguing that medicine needed far less hand-holding and a lot more science. It was an understandable position at the time, for hand-holding was much of what medicine had to offer. It was before …

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“Empathy, empathy, empathy,” has long been one of my father’s favorite refrains. It makes clear that he feels that empathy is somehow foundational to human life. Mary Lou Casey put it this way: “What most people really need is a good listening to.” I think of empathy is the capacity to really see another person, …

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The Last Straw

The day I decided to pull the trigger and found this company, I was skimming through a hospital report for one of my patients. It was not until the fourth page that there was any mention of why the patient went to the hospital. The document may have been in the computer, but it was …

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Just Say It

Imagine being able to type or speak the following, and have your EHR do what you expect: “View my schedule for tomorrow.” “Open chart for my 1030 appointment.” “Show me labs for current patient over the last 6 months.” “Is there a correlation between weight and a1c among my diabetic patients?” “CXR a/p lateral dx …

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Tea, Earl Grey, hot

“Tea, Earl Grey, hot.” — Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Star Trek: The Next Generation For those of you who are not familiar with the TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation, Jean-Luc Picard was the commander of a star ship called Enterprise about 400 years in the future. The above quote was among his signature lines, …

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