The Last Straw

The day I decided to pull the trigger and found this company, I was skimming through a hospital report for one of my patients. It was not until the fourth page that there was any mention of why the patient went to the hospital. The document may have been in the computer, but it was just an image from a fax machine. The content could only be read– it was not live data from a database that was part of the patient’s medical record, could not be searched or the view limited to sections or data I wanted to focus on. At least with a paper report, I could scribble notes. 

It was a “last straw” moment, and a couple of days later, I had my incorporation papers for Mpathy Software, LLC. Using modern technology, faxes like the one above will be read by artificial intelligence algorithms to create live data that a clinician can really use. I and my company are on a mission to ensure that from here on out, clinicians can easily and painlessly get the right information, at the right time.